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Rebecca R Philip, ALCM (TD), BBA

Rebecca Philip is a dedicated piano teacher, who enjoys working with children to accompany them on their musical journey. As a piano teacher, she combines her pedagogical ingenuity with her extensive knowledge of various musical styles, thus awakening the curiosity and enthusiasm of her students.


The teacher, coming from Hyderabad, began her musical career at the age of four under her father Mr. Philip. During her childhood, she learned several instruments such as guitar and recorder, but the piano has since then always been her instrument of choice.


Through western classical education, she has acquired excellent technique. She earned a Graduate Diploma in Piano teaching  (ALCM (TD), Associate of London College of Music) from the London College of Music, The University of West London, and Also she holds a bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BBA).


She participates in various musical projects and has attended masterclasses with various pianists in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and Germany, Her ambition to move beyond usual conventions makes her constant search for new inspiration to enforce her artistic development.

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